Awesomely cool toys, but are they kid friendly? Not sure if you can buy these things in packs of 20-30, but if so that would be….friggen….AWESOME.

Sample application of these cool toys: kittie food

These surprisingly affordable little fellas can be bought at They also ship internationally, yeeeaah!

Modern Art, Love and Zombie

Posted: 18th August 2010 by Bubba in Art & Media
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Just a quicky, if your a zombie lover with expensive tastes….

The Undead Adventures of Indiana Bones

Posted: 18th August 2010 by Bubba in Movies/Entertainment

Some more fantastic artwork from Matt Busch, creator of the Star Wars Zombie Movie Posters. Check out for zombie Jaws, ET, “Scary” Harry Potter and much more! Really cool stuff…

Check out this Audrey Hepburn Zombie T-Shirt. For boys and girls…oooooh